A Story And A Song, Vol. One

This will be a new series with a bit of discussion of a song and a story, just as the title says. It’s a way to just talk about something for a bit that’s funny, sad, or whatever. Sometimes the connection might be deep, others tenuous, it’ll be what it’ll be. It should in time be the regular feature on Wednesdays as I start shuffling a few things around.

For the first installment I’m going back to the well with Oasis, a band I’ve already covered a lot here. I have a bit more to go too, but this story came out over the weekend and just fit the theme for this new series all too well.

The Song

Oasis – Acquiesce

This is one of the band’s more famous B-sides, originally released as the other side to Some Might Say in 1995. The song quickly entered the band’s live set, as demonstrated here being the second song performed at the historic Knebworth gig. It would go on to appear on the group’s 1998 B-sides compilation The Masterplan, often touted as the band’s second- or third-best album despite not really being one.

The song is a nice contrast study – Liam belts out the hard rocking verses, while Noel offers a softer and higher chorus with a sentimental message. The song is reportedly about the relationship between the brothers Gallagher, which was not quite as bad in 1995 as it is at the end of 2021. Of course, the song could fit any sort of family, friend or romantic relationship.

I have no particular connection to this song – I didn’t own the singles or The Masterplan back in the day. I really only came into their B-sides when I got back into Oasis in the mid 2010’s. It’s a wonderful song and one I’d most likely include on a list of their top 15 or however many songs, should I ever get to such an exercise.

So what is the story with this song, if I myself have no real attachment to it? Well, you might need each other and believe in one another, especially if you’re stuck with 60 or so people in an English pub for 3 days.

The Story

Here is one of many media reports about the incident, this from Consequence. Over the past weekend a group of 60 or so people went to a Yorkshire pub to have a few pints and catch Oasis tribute band Noasis. Unlucky for the pub goers, a ton of snow fell in the area as Noasis played and the group was stuck in the pub. It would not be until Monday morning, a full three days, before the bulk of attendees were able to leave.

The story quickly made social media rounds, with many getting a chuckle and others thinking the scenario was heaven or hell, depending on one’s view of Oasis. I’d wind up with a snow-in of my own, getting messages and posts about the story plastered all over my social media. The event ended with no casualties and seemingly great spirits among the attendees and pub staff, so all’s well that ends well.

And I’ll be real – I’d love to be stuck in a pub for 3 days. Hell, I’d do it even if the tribute band was for someone I didn’t like, say Dave Matthews. Or, even better, if there was no band. But add in a tribute band to one of my favorites like Oasis and hell yeah, I’m down to be stuck in a place with beer and bar food for days on end. I guess the worst issue was that the place ran out of sausage. I could make do, I’m sure.

A bit about the tribute band – Noasis formed in 2006 and have over 1,100 gigs under their belts. They’ve gone nearly as long as the band they are paying homage to at this point. People might want to argue about the merit of tribute bands but hey, if you can make a living playing music, go for it. Or even if someone just wants to do it as a hobby, have at it. I’d surmise that it’s more than a hobby after 1,100 gigs and 15 years for these guys.

Of course this isn’t much of a story with any grand lesson or anything like that. It’s just a fun bit of trivia from across the pond that involves a band I talk about a fair bit and catch a fair bit of shit for liking, as I went over a few weeks ago. But hey, if anyone wants to lock me in a bar with a bunch of booze and all the Oasis songs I can handle listening to, hook me up.

Here is Noasis with their rendition of Acquiesce.

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