Judas Priest – RnR HoF Class of 2022

I’ll have at a quick post today to discuss the unexpected but very welcome news that came down yesterday – Judas Priest will be among the inductees to the 2022 Class of the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

The induction is kind of surprising. Priest were on a months-long fan ballot with other acts and did not place well in the results. The institution behind the Hall of Fame has always stated that the fan ballot is only one component of selection and so the group saw fit to grant Judas Priest induction.

In fact the group is being inducted in a different category from the typical “performers” one. Priest are being inducted via the Musical Excellence category. This is not a very big deal, despite some of the wankery being aired on social media about it. There are several different categories for the HoF so getting in by way of this one is not some huge issue.

With induction to the HoF comes the issue of who exactly gets in. In the case of Judas Priest, the following members will be inducted – current members Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Scott Travis and Glenn Tipton will be enshrined. Along with them, former members K.K. Downing, Les Binks and Dave Holland will also be inducted.

This does leave a few people out, of course. Original Priest singer Al Atkins won’t be inducted and I’m sure he’ll have something to say about it. Halford’s replacement in the 90’s Tim “Ripper” Owens also will not be enshrined, and I’m sure will be gracious as he often is about such things. There are a smattering of other members with some contributions but the Rock Hall generally just gets the classic-era names in for induction.

There are a few points of potential drama with a few of the names on the former members list. I won’t even get into one of them, I don’t know how that’s gonna play out but hey, they’re inducting him so I guess that’s decided. In the case of K.K. Downing there has been some past acrimony over his departure, but there’s no point in getting into all of that now. Early indications are that Downing is very happy about the induction and Rob Halford has already extended an invitation for Downing to be there so I’ll just play the part of the optimist and hope it all ends well.

But in the end drama is just drama, the point still stands – Judas Priest will be in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. I wasn’t really expecting to see the day, I’d honestly given up on the institution years ago. I’ve deliberately avoided writing posts about who I think are the biggest snubs and things like that – I would prefer to just not give a shit about the whole thing. But I will set all that aside to celebrate the very deserved induction of one of my favorite groups and one of heavy metal’s pioneering outfits. It is fully earned and finally realized, and may the world celebrate the glory of Judas Priest later this year at their induction to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

9 thoughts on “Judas Priest – RnR HoF Class of 2022

  1. Finally…an induction into the “rock and roll” HOF that I can stand behind. Priest was/is highly influential, and I’ve even had friends tell me they blew away headliners on many occasions in the 90’s when they weren’t as popular as some of the newer bands. If you don’t think Halford’s face should be on the “Metal Mount Rushmore” you’re just an idiot. Congrats to these metal gods.

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  2. It’s so funny how everybody is all, “Fuck those fucking hippies at the “RnRHoF!” while their favorite bands are being snubbed, and they give an entire list of legit reasons to shut the place down, such as the fact that nobody asked or elected the hippies to BE a RnRHoF in the first place. But then, the second the band gets in, it’s all, “Well, it’s for the fans,” and “We deeply appreciate the honor…”
    NO. FUCK those fucking hippies! Fuck them in their fucking asses! They’ve done nothing to demonstrate an ounce of credibility at any stage of their bullshit existence and I refuse to acknowledge those MFers just because they FINALLY get tired of resisting the truth long enough to give credit to some of the truly GREAT and DESERVING bands.

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  3. I hope KK does show up and is welcomed with open arms for at least this one night. The big snub is actually for Ripper as he deserves to be inducted as well as he was on 2 albums that kept the machine moving forward. But hopefully no real drama emerges.

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    1. It is a shame Ripper isn’t getting in, I wish they would have taken Metallica’s approach and inducted everyone who recorded on an album. It’s early of course but it “feels” like everything will go fine with KK, I imagine everyone was expecting the possibility of getting in.

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