Leg Day

I’m calling this leg day because, just like leg day, I’m skipping some posts this week.

I clearly didn’t do an album of the week yesterday. The holiday weekend, and more specifically me working it, left me with less time than I was anticipating. I’ve had a ton of other stuff to take care of and I won’t have much time at all this coming weekend, so time to get posts sorted isn’t really happening right now.

This week I will still do a singles series post and one other post to book up Wednesday and Thursday. Next week I will get back at it with an AOTW and some other posts, stuff I will spend time this week getting ready. If I manage my time wisely (lol), I will both get back to a normal posting routine and also have a fair bit of stuff worked up that’s kind of been sitting for awhile.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of what will be the album of the week next Monday.

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