A Quick Programming Note

I’ve been very spotty with my posts lately and I need a minute to reset and recharge a bit. Work has been especially brutal lately and my now middle-age body isn’t responding to it well, I’m very far behind on stuff I need to get done, and September is always a super busy month with a million things going on. It’s all added up to beating me down pretty good. I’ve barely had the time or desire to even listen to much music lately, much less write about it.

This won’t last very long though, thankfully. I am taking a new position at my job in the next week or two that will be far less strenuous and also grant me more time to get things taken care of and also focus on the site. And the September blitz of life and events is almost over and I’ll have a far more quiet fall season lined up.

My goal over the summer was to consistently post four days a week but I’ve missed the mark on that. And getting posts lined up at all has been a chore in this super busy time – if I don’t get a post started and finished in one go, it winds up sitting and collecting dust.

In order to get caught up and build a true queue of posts to be able to meet my own posting goals, I’m going to scrap my usual format next week. Instead of an album of the week and my other usual posts, I’m just going to make two or three quick posts of a handful of songs. They’ll be short and sweet and I’ll probably talk some trash to spice it up a bit. I want to make sure I post something but I need to step back for a second and recharge a bit. It’s also stuff I can just whip up off the cuff and not have to plan out, that will give me time to get October’s content lined out and be able to step into the consistency that I want.

That is really about all there is to say – I’ll be posting light next week in order to get caught up on other stuff and start rolling out more consistent stuff next month. In the meantime, here’s one of the greatest heavy metal videos in history that not that many people have seen.

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