About This Site

Welcome to The Crooked Wanderer. This is a blog about music. I’m dealing in metal, rock and country.

My blog is mostly an outpost for commentary, discussion and the like. I don’t really cover breaking news, trends, or things like that.

Post Schedule

Mondays will be the same feature – the Album of the Week. It’s a very simple concept – I just pick an album based on whatever I feel like at the time and discuss it.

Other regular posts will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Some weeks will see posts on Tuesday and/or Thursday. Semi-regular features and rotating series will debut in the coming months.

About Me

My name is Burch. I have been listening to music since the early 1980’s and teachers in high school told me I was decent at writing so that qualifies me as an expert in writing about music.

More seriously, I did blog in some form or another from 1998 through 2011. I decided to start up again in mid-2021 due to boredom, mid-life crisis, or whatever.

Other than music, my interests include cycling, drinking IPAs and watching World War II documentaries.



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