Most Hated Bands – Part Three

Here we are folks. The grand finale of the Most Hated Bands list from

Part One here, and Part Two there

#15 – Korn

Huh. Wasn’t necessarily expecting to see them on the list. But I guess it makes sense – if Limp Bizkit can pull the number 2 spot, then the originators of the nu-metal movement are probably gonna draw some ire too.

They did shift the sonic landscape of the 90’s pretty hard. Nu-metal is overall a pretty frowned upon subgenre so their place at the head of the table is likely why they generate enough hate to rank here.

Also Korn has the “annoying fan” factor. I haven’t really run into any cringe fans of theirs in a long time but it used to be a thing around the turn of the century.

I’m not really down with Korn but I don’t necessarily mind them. I won’t be camping out at a future Record Store day for a limited press of whatever record of theirs, but I won’t bitch much if I happen to be in a room and one of their tunes comes on.

Overhated? Eh, not sure

#16 – Oasis

Is Damon Albarn the one who programmed this algorithm?

No really, I do get it though. You can’t handle them. It’s the brothers – Noel and Liam. Shit-talking pricks so toxic that they haven’t dealt with each other for over a decade now. They slagged off the entire universe a million times in their heyday, they talked more shit about how great they were than a pro wrestler, and they’re better looking than you.

Also the whole “guy with an acousitc guitar ruining the party with Wonderwall” meme is in full force. What kind of parties do people go to where someone jams out “Wonderwall?” I have yet to encounter such a thing in real life. And if I did I’d be like “hell yeah, bro.”

As for me? I was into them in their heyday. I set them aside through the 2000’s up to their implosion at the end of that decade. A few years later I caught a wave of nostalgia and rode it hard, and it hasn’t let up to this day. Probably a top 10 band for me at this point, if I fucked with that sort of thing. This whole blog is really just a front for my budding career in Liam fanfic.

Overhated? You know you want it, you just can’t handle it

#17 – Pearl Jam

Yeah I’m totally cool with this one. Can’t stand them, never could. Glad you like ’em, glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t. They’re better than Creed, but so is the sound of a lawnmower at 6 AM on a Saturday morning.

Overhated? Not at all

#18 – Rush

Ok I’ll admit I was more than a little shocked when I first read the list. Rush are a beloved, immortal rock institution. Who the fuck hates Rush?

But as talked with people about the list I found out that Rush does, in fact, have a group of detractors. I guess not everyone is down with ’em. I don’t really know why in this case, I genuinely don’t understand what people don’t like about them. But hey, such is life.

Overhated? Completely

#19 – Nirvana

What? I am shocked that they’re here. They had a brief but extremely significant tenure that saw a massive shift in the popular music landscape, one that they were chiefly responsible for ushering in. I figured they were untouchable in that regard.

Maybe it’s age? I mean, it has been nearly 30 years since Kurt Cobain’s death. And while I see the band mentioned in reverent tones, I don’t see a groundswell of nostalgia surrounding them. Maybe everyone moved on and the people who never liked them were the ones left talking about them.

I never was a Nirvana fan but their stuff was cool and I have no problem giving them a spin. This might be the most genuinely shocking entry on the list, at least for me.

Overhated? Yeah, for the same reason as Bob Dylan – too important

#20 – The Spin Doctors

Ok – the only surprising thing about them being on this list is that enough people remember them to give enough of a shit to complain about them. Absolute trash-tier music. I’d consider kissing Dave Matthews on his open mouth before I listen to the goddamn Spin Doctors again.

Overhated? Never

Talking about the Spin Doctors got me a bit aggro, I need to take my chill pill

#21 – Linkin Park

We end on another one that kind of surprises me a little. Huge fan base, broadly popular. Yeah, they were radio rock and caught part of the maligned nu-metal wave. But I figured they’d transcended that and had sort of immortalized their place in music.

But I guess anything popular has its base of haters. I know a few people that like them but the vast majority of my circle isn’t down. I never was but I never really cared about them one way or the other. Hate’s too strong of a word. I guess there are enough people out there to carry them to the final spot on the list.

Overhated? Maybe, hard to say

That concludes the list. Let’s take a second to review a few that I was surprised NOT to find on this list.

Insane Clown Posse – I was pretty chuffed not to see the clowns make it. They catch more shit than a toilet, especially after the whole “fucking magnets, how do they work?” fiasco. But I guess it wasn’t enough to bring it home for them. Maybe I’ll become an important enough blogger to one day get a media pass to the Gathering of the Juggalos. That’s the end game here.

Bruce Springsteen – Every old boomer fuck on Facebook spends all day crying that they don’t like Bruce’s politics. I honestly thought there’d be enough of that kind of crap to get him a spot here. Neil Young and maybe John Mellencamp could have the same argument, but it’s Bruce that really gets the patriotic panties in a bunch.

Weezer – So a lot of the population doesn’t like Weezer, just read social media for 30 seconds and you’ll figure that much out. But you know who really hates Weezer? Weezer fans. Libraries could be filled with the amount of stuff written about how much Weezer fans hate what Weezer did or is doing. And that cover of “Africa” didn’t do shit for anyone besides Steve Luthaker’s accountant.

Tool – You know damn good and well the only reason Tool isn’t here is because they spent 13 years between album releases. The second Fear Inoculum got announced, every too cool for school jerkoff this side of the Equator got on their keyboards to cry endlessly about how much they can’t stand Tool. It’s still happening to this day. Tool is the one who, especially if they drop a new album in the near future, will crack this list if the algorithm updates down the line.

Well, that’s that. What do you think? Anyone you can think of that’d have a case for being here? Any thoughts on this part of the list? Do you wanna go to Tumblr and write Liam fanfic with me?

Most Hated Bands – Part Two

It’s time for Part 2 of our exploration of the Most Hated Bands as provided by science stuff from Here is Part 1 if you missed it. Part 3 hits tomorrow.

As a note, the list as originally provided counts down from 21 to 1. I am running the list in reverse order, from 1 to 21. Just a minor mishap with the secondary source I originally used that also ran the list in reverse order.

#8 – Radiohead

Of course Radiohead were gonna show up. I’ve certainly encountered no shortage of vitriol spewed their way in my Internet travels. They evoke strong reactions from both their fans and detractors. And their fans seem to trigger the detractors even more. I personally haven’t run into a lot of that but there’s definitely an “annoying Radiohead fan” vibe that plays into their slot on this list.

I have spun Radiohead a time or two but am by no means a huge fan. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually get into them but if a good act pisses a lot of people off it’s something I totally here for.

Overhated? Probably, but roll with what ya got

#9 – KISS

I would have been disappointed had Kiss not been on the list. They are a rock institution unto themselves, but boy do they get the blood boiling. Their possible lack of talent, their less than graceful aging, the sordid history of ex-members, a 35 year long farewell tour and Gene Simmons being kind of a dick a lot of the time will lead to people talking some shit on you. No way around it.

Do I dig Kiss? Yes, I do. I am a Kiss fan. I’m not the world’s biggest fan but I do enjoy some Cold Gin and Detroit Rock City. Maybe they are marketing and merch whores to a huge degree, but the hell with it, money’s money – go get it. (I mean, my favorite band would never deploy a marketing scheme quite like Kiss, but here we are…….)

Overhated? No, not really

#10 – Dave Matthews Band

If there is any sort of justice or sense of right in the universe, let this be the only time on my blog that I mention Dave Matthews.

I am not a fan. I don’t know what that stuff is, really. I don’t think he drinks, smokes or thinks enough because if he did he wouldn’t have graced us with his awful music.

Overhated? Impossible.

#11 – Coldplay

So I’m at my favorite craft beer brewery awhile back, sitting outside to enjoy a nice, socially-distanced IPA because it was still virus stuff then (just like now!). A song comes on that I hadn’t heard before and I thought it interesting. I used the old Google song identifier thing on my phone to find out that I am, in fact, enjoying Coldplay.

Do I actually like Coldplay? I never fucked with them before. I just rolled my eyes when I saw Chris Martin in the tabloids like any good angsty prick with no life would do. When they were part of the One Love Manchester gig I thought “hey, good on them.” Hell, they even jammed with Liam.

But that’s a league away from actually liking them. I guess I’m gonna have to consult Spotify and maybe professional help and see if I do actually dig Coldplay. I’ll report my findings.

Overhated? Probably, but maybe not.

#12 – Green Day

I don’t know, Green Day never really bothered me. Wouldn’t call myself a fan but I also never really worried about them. I didn’t change a radio station if they came on. I just heard some of their more recent stuff and it sounded like crap, but I don’t think that’s why they’re hated.

Of course they’re hated because they watered down punk and got massive. Punks don’t take kindly to that shit. I’m cool with punk even if I’m not one myself and I get the vibe of not digging Green Day. I just kinda don’t really care one way or the other.

Overhated? No, I get it

#13 – The Doors

Yeah, to be honest I see why they’re hated. The Doors have been worshipped for eons, Jim Morrison was some kind of freaky sex symbol/godhead figure, and their music has been everywhere forever. It probably gets annoying to someone who can’t stand them.

I have friends who like them. I have friends who hate them. I personally fall somewhere inbetween – I don’t mind some of their songs but their overall sound isn’t really my jam.

Overhated? I don’t know

#14 – Metallica

At first I was surprised to see their name on the list. They are one of the biggest bands ever, they defied genre and expectations to conquer the world, they have a gargantuan fanbase and they do unconventional and cool shit sometimes.

But then I realized who hates Metallica. No one hates Metallica more than Metallica fans. No one bitches about shit they like and don’t like more than metalheads. I know, I’ve done this dumb shit for over 30 years now.

Metallica changed tack in 1991 and took over the world with a more accessible, polished sound. They also alienated legions of die-hard supporters who wanted it longer and harder. They continued changing their sound, getting haircuts, suing Napster and doing other shit that caused consternation among the metal community.

There’s also Lars Ulrich. People love to hate Lars. I wonder how much of the band’s placement on this list is affected purely by Lars hate. Personally I have no issue with the dude but that’s just me.

Where do I stand with Metallica? I’ll take the first four albums, a bit of Load, and Hardwired. The other stuff isn’t for me, to varying degrees. I did once look back in anger at the band for their deviant ways but over time I quit giving a shit and agreed with others that a band ought to do what they want at the end of the day. It isn’t for me to tell one of the biggest and most influential acts in the world how to record or how to run their business.

Overhated? Yeah, to what extent I don’t know

I’ll wrap up the final 7 spots on the list tomorrow with Part 3.

Most Hated Bands – Part One

Earlier in the year a site called released a list of the world’s most hated bands, according to science. This list was compiled by the use of algorithms that measured a series of metrics across several platforms. After going through the cesspool of the Internet for long enough they provided a ranked list of the most hated bands.

As an FYI, the list runs from 21 to 1, though my list starts at the top and works its way down. I used a different source to write this but decided to link to the original source for the post. My apologies, and please scroll down to find 1 through 7 and the least surprising thing you’ve probably ever seen in music discussion.

It’s an interesting topic. I read through the list and see a lot of bands that yeah, they’re gonna be on this list. There’s a few that caught me off guard, too. Some of the bands I don’t care about, others I like. And at least a few I join in on the hate campaign. But here we have this definitive, ranked and science-backed list of the bands that people bitch about the most.

There are 21 bands on the list. I’ll split this into 3 parts and tackle 7 bands at a time so I can spread the good vibes and cheer over a greater time span.

#1 – Nickelback

I mean, no shit Nickelback takes the top honors here. Talking trash about Nickelback has been a prime hobby of every disaffected angstwhore for the past 20 years. If you’re bored on Twitter and need something to take a shot at, Nickelback is always there for you.

The truth is that, yeah, Nickelback are overhated. They’re just a damn rock band. Sure, they’re mega-popular and influenced a bunch of soundalikes back all those years ago, but it’s whatever. Yeah, that song about the photographs is ultra shitty, but beyond that I really don’t have time to care about Nickelback.

Overhated? Yeah, but just like Thanos, this was inevitable.

#2 – Limp Bizkit

Good old Limp Bizkit, in at number 2, and not at 1 just because Nickelback exists.

And yet, here we are over halfway through 2021 and Fred Durst and company are in the midst of some rennaissance. A few years of memes about the band created this backdoor into a new appreciation for them and the group seem ready to capitalize on it.

I tried to like them for about 20 minutes when they blew up in ’99. Then I turned my nose up at them for the next few decades. Now? The world is so screwed and everything is so upside-down that honestly, it’s just one of those days. I can set aside any false pretense of intellect and have some fun for a bit.

Overhated? Yes and no, somehow.

#3 – Creed

I can recognize the life of its own quality that Nickelback hate has. I can even find retro appreciation for Limp Bizkit, one of the world’s most derided bands.

But Creed? Please take this Pearl Jam-meets-praise and worship trash somewhere else. I don’t need some ham-fisted warbling about God and guilt when I’m trying to have … well, literally anything else. If any cosmic forces could convene to make sure this group doesn’t re-up for a cash grab reunion tour, that would be great.

Overhated? If every sentient entity in the universe focused their energies on hating Creed it would still not be enough.

#4 – U2

Well, can’t say I’m surprised to see the ol’ U2 on the list. They were bigger than life at more than one point in history. Bono does come off as a douche sometimes but he doesn’t personally bother me.

I really don’t mind the stuff from the 80’s but I don’t necessarily have to hear it again either. Not a whole lot to say, no one is shocked that U2 made the cut.

Overhated? Eh, no.

#5 – Mumford and Sons

I’m a little shocked to see them this high on the list. But after thinking about it, not really. Their shit is pretty weak and I’ve honestly never heard anyone say anything good about them. In fact I’ve heard plenty of people slag them off, so I can at least say I run in the right circles after all these years.

Overhated? No, but a very strong showing for a more recent-ish band

I mean, I’m not gonna post a fucking Mumford and Sons video. Might as well ride the hot hand.

#6 – Bob Dylan

So I guess I shouldn’t register shock that he’s here, but it seems out of place to me. I mean, I won’t cop to being a Dylan fan, just never got into him.

Bob Dylan is one of the most important forces in American music, like, ever. I understand how much he has contributed to the art form even if I don’t personally jam to his stuff. I think that appreciation ought to mean something outside of one’s tastes and fandoms. There is an objective side to music and Dylan clears that bar by leaps and bounds.

Overhated? Yes, he shouldn’t be on the list.

#7 – Phish

I can’t cop to liking the jam band stuff at all, but I’ve had friends that are all about it. It’s definitely its own scene and one I’ll leave them to. I’ve never listened to them, I probably never will, and on we go to other stuff.

Overhated? I don’t care

That’s it for part one. Part 2 drops Thursday and Part 3 wraps things up on Friday. Till then let’s break stuff.