This page is for my memories. I’m keeping a bit of a log of how I got from one place to another. Some of it is for posterity, other parts of it are for my own record keeping.

There are two components to this. This first one is my main log of memories as I came up over the years. It’s been a long time now and some form of over-arching narrative is nice to have after everything. These are summations but they give a decent overview of my musical tastes and movements over time. This will be a static set once it’s done, there is a point where memories become present day.

Feels Like The First Time – my earliest music memories

House Of Hair – growing up a kid in the late 80’s

Made By Metal – my transition to heavier stuff in the early 90’s

To The Extreme – going even heavier in the early and mid 1990’s

The Lost Years – a run through the years 1995-2006

Straight To Hell – 2006-2010, things got harder and darker again

This second set is for specific memories. It could be of bands, concerts, movements, what have you. This is the one that will slowly grow over time. Like anyone who gets way into music, I’ve been blessed with a range of experiences and this is where I’ll recount some of the more fond ones.

My First Concert – what was going to be my first live show, then what wound up actually being

Iron Maiden Memories – various recollections of getting into my favorite band

None More Black – a timehop into how I got into black metal